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Faultlines J&K

First Kathua, then Anantnag, the terrorist attacks in J&K continue unabated. With temperature rising in the valley, snow is melting, so also the peace. If we are shocked by the anti-India and pro-Pakistan activities of Alam on our soil, we should not be because you cannot expect serenity and tranquility from an agent provocateur.

But, the role of the BJP-PDP Government in the State and the BJP Government in Centre and the manner in which the entire episode was mishandled and continues to be needs scrutiny not only to dissect what went wrong but also to plan how to correct in future.


For BJP, it is a moment of introspection. A party that grabs power even at the cost of compromising its fundamental ideology is beset with intransigence highly detrimental to national interests.

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The need of the hour is protection of lives and livelihood of people in Jammu and Kashmir. Arrest of Masarat Alam and Geelani should not be end in itself but system must be geared up to ensure speedy trial and toughest of punishment for sedition that will set a deterrence for author hate mongers in the valley.

Let a strong message go across the border also that India will not allow any anti-national activity on its soil, either supported and instigated by external forces or perpetrated by their agents here.

Also important is that the political leadership in Centre and the State should not play into the trap of the separatists who are hell bent to create political and civil unrest in the State. Our foreign policy should be based on pragmatic considerations to protect interests of India as sovereign nation-state rather than guided by internal political considerations.