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Why is Kashmir Burning? We need Solutions:

The turbulence in the valley subsequent to the encounter of Burhan Wani. Hizbul Mujahidden commander is a reflection of the failure of law and order mechanism in the State as well as administrative machinery of the Centre. 30 lives have been lost and many more are injured. Besides, the economic loss is there. What else we are waiting for?

Recently, there were intelligence reports regarding polarisation of youth in the valley. Whether any action was taken by the Government and corrective measures were initiated in this regard is not known. The polarised discourse and flip flop regarding talks with Pakistan provided oxygen to the separatists to fuel the situation for the worse. The intensity of the youth unrest, particularly in Southern Kashmir, is a matter of serious concern.

Wani created more terrorists after his death than during his lifetime. Until now, we were worried about terrorism across the borders but if the recent incidents are of any indication, then popular support to militancy in the valley is a more serious threat. If we still remain indifferent to the situation, the result which is there for all of us to see would be repeated more often.

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There is no doubt that the Indian security forces are committed to protect the unity and integrity of our country and to safeguard people. Both the military and the Government should ensure that no opportunity is given whereby their sacrifices are exploited by those who intend to subvert India’s interests and the development of the State.
First of all, the military needs to assess the number of terrorists and their operational details and accordingly the counter terrorist operations may be planned to avoid loss of civilian lives in the operation. Be it in anti terrorist operations or counter insurgency operations within Naxals, this has to be a must. Apart from preventing loss of innocent lives of civilians, this will also help the military and the police to prevent loss of lives of their personnel as well.
The NDA Government in the Centre and the alliance in the State have failed to implement even the doable promises they made to the youth of the State. Therefore, lacking of political approach to solve the Kashmir issue is one of the major reasons for the present day imbroglio. Another area that needs immediate concern is the high rate of unemployment among the Kashmiri youth.

With the number of registered unemployed youth crossing 6 lakh mark, Jammu and Kashmir has the highest unemployment rate of 5.3 per cent in comparison to its four neighboring states. A serious thought should be given to provide employment opportunities to the youth in the region, both educated or otherwise, which cool down the temper. Probably, the Prime Minister should experiment his Skill India and Start Up India missions in Jammu & Kashmir.